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World Tuberculosis day March 24,2019

March 24 is observed as the World tuberculosis day. It was on this day 137 years ago Robert Koch, disclosed to a group of scientists convened in Berlin, the true cause of tuberculosis, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.

The day was finally decided

Tuberculosis, the killer that had its sway in Europe and America in the past century. It claimed every seventh human being in those times. A century later in 1982, it was decided that 24th March will be observed as a World tuberculosis day by the international Union against Tuberculosis and Lung disease.

How is it spread?

The bacteria is spread by air. When the infected person coughs or sneezes, the bacteria is floats in the air and gets into another person by inhalation.

Indian Context

Hundreds of thousands of people in India are affected by this deadly disease. Some are victims as per the symptoms and some who look healthy but are carriers. . It usually affects people who live in damp places, lack of sunlight, lack of fresh air, weak immunology. People working in mines, glass factories get the lungs weakened by the silica and then gets infected. People who smoke are also are victims of this microbe.

Medical management of this infectious disease

A visit to a doctor in the local hospital is a must when someone is found coughing incessantly or coughing with blood spits. It is a must to keep the patient isolated and cover ones mouth while taking or coughing. Blood tests are mandatory and taking medicines is a must. It is also a matter of concern that drug resistant TB is on the rise due to antibiotic abuse. DOTs strategy would be necessary. Directly observed Therapy involves regimented medical treatment including monitoring the progress the patient. The sputum smear microscopy is mandatory. A community health care worker assigned to the patients will closely monitor the treatment. Lastly the government will ensure the steady supply of drugs so that the poor patients are not deprived of the treatment.

“It’s time” is the theme of the World TB day for 2019

Indeed, it is frustrating to see that many people are still afflicted with this disease in spite of immense medical progress and disbursal of huge amounts of money by the government. It is time to see where the gaps lie and how can we fill in the gaps to relieve the people of this endless suffering.


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