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World Health day 2019

The world health day, promoted by WHO, is celebrated on 7th April every year all over the world. In the world of nearly 7 billion, healthcare is very important for the majority. It is one of the eight health care campaigns promoted by WHO like: World AIDS day, No Tobacco day, World Immunization Week, World Blood Donor Day, World Hepatitis Day and World Malaria Day.

History of the World health movement

WHO was created as a specialized department within the United Nations to look into the health needs of the world population. In its endeavor to draw the world’s attention to the health care needs of the people of all nations it called for the world health assembly for the first time in 1948. The world health assembly agreed to celebrate the World Health day on 7th April from 1950 onwards. So 7th April 1950 was the first World Health Day.

Major health risks in the world

Non communicable diseases such as Cancer, Stroke, Alzheimer, diabetes and kidney failure are the most common diseases found amongst people in the world. Many young people due to stress fall victim to heart diseases and kidney diseases. Cancer is caused due to air pollution, smoking and drinking. Genetics also play an important role in the causation of the diseases. Aged people suffer from all these diseases including Alzheimer disease. Lifestyle is mostly responsible for the major part. Junk food, high fat diet, lack of exercises, stressful life causes many people to lose sleep, suffer high blood pressure which  provokes them to take tablets and other pills to relieve the stress which inturn leads to other side effects of severe nature.

Infectious diseases like AIDS, malaria, dengue, cholera and tuberculosis are wrecking havoc all over the world.

AIDS is spreading all over the world amongst people who engage in unprotected sex and drug abusers. AIDs is most due lifestyle issue. More than 2 million people living in India are affected by AIDS in the age group of 15-49 years. This makes India home to the third largest AIDS patients and carriers.  

Malaria and dengue are vector driven diseases found mostly in the tropical third world countries. The mosquitoes breed in the stagnant dirty puddles, pools of water. The protozoa and the virus breed inside the mosquitoes gut. The females need blood for nourishment and when sucking blood from any human the microbes are transmitted in the person. When another insect bites the infected human it becomes a carrier of the microbe and infects another human when it bites. Malaria has taken a severe turn leading the malignant state of health.

Influenza and viral fever is spread due to hot and humid weather. It is spread through air and does not require any vector to transmit. It leads to violent coughing and sneezing. Sometimes it leads to seizures and pain. Excessive city pollution and less greenery lead to hot spell with no rain.

Tuberculosis is not totally eradicated. It is now the most challenging to cure this disease. Tuberculosis is spread by air when the infected people coughs or sneezes. Due to rampant use of antibiotics by doctors, the microbe has become drug resistant. This has made the situation frightening as the disease is very difficult to cure.

Cholera is spread due to drinking infected water or food. Global incidence of Cholera has increased manifold in the Asia and Africa. Due to lack of access to clean drinking water and food in these communities, Cholera is rampant.

Measles is not only a disease of a third world country but also it is found in the developed countries. It is spread from the open pores of infected skin by air to others in the vicinity. It causes fever and irritation. Anti measles vaccines are the best prevention methods.

Ebola is a killer that is plaguing Africa. Ebola is spread by air and it is found that it spreads rapidly and kills fast. Anti Ebola vaccines are the only hope, but partially effective.

In the olden days rats and cockroaches in ships spread the diseases from one country to another where ever the ships harbored. In the recent times, migratory birds spread the diseases from one region to another. The arbo virus is spread by birds. Humans have taken over from the rats and cockroaches in spreading diseases. Passenger airplanes ferry passengers from one country to another and from one continent to another. Infected passengers or carriers of TB, malaria, dengue, encephalitis and Ebola are transmitted from one passenger to another sitting in cramped spaces without any fresh air.  

The grip of disease is getting stronger and stronger by the day. Inspite of the medical advances, over population, lack of sanitation, lack of proper education, poverty make the escape from diseases nearly inescapable.

Theme of World Health Day 2019: Universal Health Coverage

The Universal health coverage is based on 3 basic ideas: Anyone who requires healthcare gets it irrespective his/her financial status; the healthcare should be of a good quality so as to improve his/her condition; the healthcare should protect the care seeker from financial risk, he/she should not face financial harm.

Increase in population has led to the increase in poverty. Lack of education and training due to poverty make the people incapable of participating in the competitive economic process. This makes them rely on hazardous, unclean and manual labor with little remuneration.

Major part of the human population work in the fields, mines, unregistered factories, exposed to harmful chemicals, radiation, dust particles that cause organ damage. These people working in the unorganized sector have no social security or enough money for afford private healthcare. Rather more than 3 billion men, women and children suffer from financial handicap. Therefore, the onus lies on the governments to take care of the healthcare needs. Thus the theme of universalize of healthcare is the need of the hour. This theme is the repetition of the theme of 2018. It could be concluded that bringing the huge population of unprivileged people under healthcare could not be possible in 2018 and therefore the theme had to be repeated.


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