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US ban Pakistan on using F16 without its permission.

On 27th Feb 2019, Pakistan entered the India and tried to attack the Air command centers of Indian Air Force. But, they failed.

Indian Air Commands intercepted the entry of F16’s in their Air. On that area Mig-16 was on Air patrol and soon asked to take care of the Pakistani Jets.

India’s Mig-21 went straight towards the direction where F16 was flying.

In 90 seconds, they were engaged in a Dogfight. After battling for hefty 90 seconds. Our Mig’s took Pakistani f-16 with a charm. But in the process, we too lost our Mig-21.

Mig21 vs f16

Wing Commander Abhinandan’s Mig crashed and fell behind the enemy lines. He was caught and was arrested by the Pakistani army soon. It didn’t stopped their. Pakistan had to send Indian Wing Commander back to India because of Geneva Conviction.

US warned Pakistan for using their F16.

US sold F16’s to Pakistan in 80’s but set some rules for its usage. Let’s find out about the rules first:

  • Pakistan can not use F-16 fighters in Military Operations without seeking their permission.
  • F-16 can be used for Self-Defense but not for attacking other Nations.
  • It can be used for fighting against Terrorism.
  • For using the M-65 Missiles Pakistan have to take permission from US under any circumstances.
  • American has the right to take action against Pakistan, if they violate the conditions set during the time of F-16 deal.

Now, as Pakistan has Violated the policies of the Agreement of F-16.

It would be very interesting to see the reactions which will come from America.

It’s trending on the Social media, that how a 65 years old Soviet made Mig-21 manages to knock down American made F-16.

However, the Indian Mig-21 receives constant up-gradation on their radars of their Mig-21’s from last couple of years.

But, still Mig-21 is no match for F-16.


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