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The long wait for Indian Hero is over, Abhinandan returns.

Wing commander Abinandaan Varthaman, 35, was on one his mission when his MIG-21 was hit by Pakistani fire in a dog fight and he had to eject over Pakistani occupied Kashmir. 

He landed with his parachute in a remote sparsely populated mountainous region Quillan , where he was seen by one of the locals Razzaq who called two of his friends to reach the location where the parachute seemed to have landed. By the time he unstrapped his parachute, he was surrounded by a mob and he had to  fire in the air to disperse them. One of the persons in the mob shot at the pilots leg and he raised pro Indian slogans whereas the mob raised pro Pakistani.

He was suspected to have swallowed some of the secret documents and threw his bag and himself in a nearby pond to avoid capture. His attempt seemed to be in vain as he was soon pulled out of the pond and his bag retrieved, he was  manhandled by the mob, and he was handed over to the Pakistani soldiers.

Multiple videos were shot by the Pakistani army personnel and  distributed for the entertainment of the locals. All these actions are in contravention of the Geneva convention of treatment of POWs. The Geneva Convention of treatment of captured military personnel clearly states that the captured military personnel must be protected from any kind of violence, insults, prosecution and public curiosity and immediate release of cessation of hostilities.

As there is no declared war between the two nuclear armed nations the capture pilot must be repatriated without any objection. Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan already offered to release the pilot as a first step to peaceful negotiations and India has welcomed that and added that the captured pilot should not be used as a bargaining chip.

The United Nations has been in touch with both the countries for de escalating the situation and the secretary general Antonio Guterres welcomed Pakistan’s friendly overture of the intention of returning the pilot. Meanwhile, one of the activists in Pakistan has filed a plea in Pakistani court questioning  the legality of the release in court. The Indian Pilot is supposed to reach the Wagah border by 12:00 PM today and Captain Amrinder Singh , CM of Punjab is expected to receive him.

The Indian Airforce along with the whole nation waited with bated breath to welcome the hero who has demonstrated courage and calm, extraordinary survival skills behind the enemy lines.

At last Abhinandan reaches Wagah border escorted by Pakistani army convoy where he is ready to be welcomed by Indians on the other side. He will be taken to NewDelhi by military  aircraft for further briefing.


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