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Sri Lanka gets the clue to the bombing. At last!

2 painful days after the loss of loved ones who congregated in Churches for Easter Sunday prayer or in cafes of hotels to relax due to serial bomb blasts, Sri Lanka has finally got hold of important clues.

ISIS, the suspect

After the deadly silence as to who had caused such a mayhem in the country, ISIS has finally taken responsibility for such a heinous act. The Muslim associations of Sri Lanka had already warned the Sri Lankan government about one particular cleric who was getting too much attention due to his hate speeches. He was a main attraction to many disgruntled and ignorant Muslims who believed in his ideology of hatred.  

Kill the kafirs

As ISIS believes in hating the non Muslims and believed in killing them as in conformity with the Quranic teachings. Moderate Muslims who refused to hate the non Muslims should face the same fate as per  ISIS. ISIS has been the most brutal Islamic terror groups in the middle east. However, its presence is not confined to the middle east only. The access of internet has made the propagation of ideologies of ISIS very simple and brought those in the homes of the ignorant Muslims in all parts of the world.

Sri Lanka the victim of radicalism

Sri Lanka is no different from any other country. As a secular country with peaceful Buddhist majority and peaceful Christian minority, the  not so peaceful Muslims minority are being stirred up in every way. Muslims are a majority in the eastern coast of SriLanka and the suspected master mind, a maulvi Mohammed Zahman of a mosque in Baticaloa had been on the radar of government agencies for a long time. His fiery and spiteful speeches have worried many non Muslims and moderate Muslims alike. Prominent Muslim associations had warned the government authorities about the radical cleric and his ability to radicalize the people.

Warnings went unheeded

Indian Intelligence agencies had warned the Sri Lankans many times before about the rise of radical Islam due to the presence of many mosques on the east coast of Sri Lanka that preached Wahibism. Infact, Indian intelligence had warned the Sri Lankan authorities about an impending attack, but there was lapse on the part of the authorities to take the matter seriously. The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickramasinghe regretted of such a great lapse on the part of the authorities inspite of the warnings. Now the FBI and the Interpol have been requested to help out in the investigations.

Putting things together

It is not known if the cleric himself took part in the blasts, died or he fled the country. It has been confirmed that there were atleast 8 suicide bombers who took part in the blasts. It is only the matter of time when the pieces will be put together to create the whole story.


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