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Shut up! Election commission issues gag order against 4 Indian politicians.

In desperation to win and trying to propagate the virtues of one’s own party, the politicians are making a real mess on the campaign platform. They have forgotten that India is a secular country and it is a tolerant society.

With the advent of time, increase in population and no real self development opportunities and lack of vision among the leadership has led to compartmentalization of masses on the basis of caste, creed, religion and gender.

This election has taken the politicization of the masses on the basis of caste and religion to the extreme.

Ali Vs Bajrang Bali

Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh started campaigning for the Bhartiya Janata Party. He said that this election 2019 is a contest between Ali and Bajrang Bali. Ali stands for the follower of Mohammed who took over as the first Calip after the death the prophet and Bajrang bali is the monkey god in Hindu faith. Yogi used the metaphors of both Islam and Hinduism in such a way that it was considered as a fight between Hindus and Muslims at the booth. Earlier, he had declared the Indian Army as Modi sena which tantamount to putting political hue to an apolitical army. The Election Commission bared him from campaigning for 72 hours effective Tuesday.

“Muslims, Do not vote for the Congress!”

Mayawati of the Bahujan Samajwadi Party clearly asked the Muslims not the waste the votes by voting for the Congress. She wanted the Muslim vote for herself. The Congress who was not included in the alliance of the SP-BSP alliance cried that the BSP supremo was trying to seek votes on basis of religious identity. She was debarred from campaigning for 48 hours effective Tuesday.

“If Muslims do not vote for me, I shall not be pleased”

Menaka Gandhi, Union Minister for Women and Child development, in her campaign speech at Sultanpur, nearly threatened the Muslims. She said if she got elected and found that Muslims did not vote for her, she would be very displeased. Then any Muslim who would come to her for any favor, she would not grant it. So Muslims should be very careful when they cast their votes. That stirred up much controversy amongst all the secular parties.

Villages: A, B, C, D categories

The controversy of Menaka Gandhi did not end here. In her earlier statements at Philbit where her Son Varun Gandhi is contesting the elections, she recommended that the villages would be categorized as A, B, C, D. Villages that give 80% to BJP are of A category,  60% of the votes to BJP is B, 50% of the votes is C, and any village that gives less than 50% to BJP is D. So when the development programs will be announced after the elections, A, will be benefitted first and then B and the rest will follow. She was debarred from campaigning for 48 hours effective Tuesday.

An old man’s obsession with lady’s underwear

Probably the worst campaign statement was made by Azam Khan, the Lok Sabha candidate on a Samajwadi Party ticket from Rampur. He made the cheapest comments. He declared in public that he had knowledge of the color of the underwear of Jaya Prada was Khaki. Jaya Prada is the BJP candidate from Rampur and a contender of Azam Khan. Khaki is the color of RSS uniform. He tried to use the metaphor of color to relate his opponent to the ideological affiliation that turned out to be very misogynistic and bereft of decency. At the age of nearly 70 years, Khan should not be obsessed with the underwear of a middle aged lady to judge the ideological mindset.

After nationwide cries from women groups, the Election Commission has debarred Khan from campaigning for 72 hours effective Tuesday.

“Dedicate your first vote to the Pulwama matyrs”

Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister is no different. Being a RSS man, he has always been given to think that the India is Hindu country and the fight with the Muslim Pakistan is a holy war. On that basis he asked the first time votes to dedicate their votes to Pulwama martyrs. The only way they could do it is by voting for the BJP.

Modi was more articulate than Yogi. He did not declare the defense forces as Modi sena, but did a lot of speeches and took military action to show that he was in charge of the defense forces, unlike the pro Muslim secular congress who kept on talking nice to the Pakistan when Pakistanis were raining bullets on the border with India. The secular parties cried horse, but the Election Commission found no fault in Modi. He was given a clean chit.


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