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Serial blasts in Sri Lanka leave more than 230 dead and scores injured

After 30 years of civil war fought between the Sri Lankans and the Tamils Tigers, the Sri Lankans seemed to have left the sordid past  forever. The civil war was over by 2012 when the Tamil Tigers were decimated and Tamils fled to India for refuge. The was a temporary lull. However, this peace was broken when the Sri Lankan government imposed curfew in 2018 when the Buddhist militants attacked mosques and Muslims dwellings.

Fateful Sunday

Then the worst happened on 21st March 2019 on Eastern Friday, when a series of bombings tore through the luxury hotels and churches. The attacks happened at various places all over Sri Lanka but mainly concentrated in Colombo.

The targets

Colombo suffered the major brunt of the attack.  6 sites came under attack in the capital city. 4 hotels: Hotel at Deliwala Zoo, Cinnamon Grand Hotel,Sangrila hotel,The Kingsbury,St Antony’s Shrine and one Church: Saint Anthony’s Church suffered the damage. One bomb also emploded in the residential area of Dematogoda targeting a private house. 2 more churches: one at Baticaloa and St. Sebastian Church in Negombo came under attack. The churches were the worst sufferers as the huge numbers of Christians had gathered for the Sunday Easter mass.

The casualties

It was suspected that a suicide bombers might have mingled with the Sunday worshipers and blew themselves. However, it is yet to be confirmed if there were suicide bombers or bombs planted in churches. It is for sure that bombs were planted on the roads in hotel cafes. Scores of people were killed inside the churches, in the hotel cafes and on the busy road. The attackers have all planned to kill the maximum number of casualties with minimum effort.  The international victims include 5 British Citizens, 3 Danes, 2 Turkish, 3 Indians 1 from Holland. During the raids on suspected sides 3 policemen were killed. The explosion happenned when the suspects were being interrogated.  It seems that the Sri lanka has been infiltrated by the terror groups and this was a tacit attempt the silence the witnesses and remove the evidence of the attackers. Social media has been cut off to prevent the spread of inflammatory content and false information.

No Clues as yet

Till now no one has claimed responsibilty for the attack, it is suspected that muslim extremists with international cloud might have orchestrated the attacks. The targetted were the christians, the locals and the expatriates who came to Sri Lanka to be with their families for Easter.  The Srilankan government imposed a curfew on Sunday and it has been lifted at 6:30 AM.  

The blame game

The blame game within the government has started. The Sri Lankan government had received intelligence about the attacks but no action was taken. The Sri lankan prime minister has said that he was not informed about the matter. It is matter of deep shame for the administration to sit still  when such an attack of gigantic proportions enough to threathen the national security was forthcoming.


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