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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to move out of Kensington Palace

Few British tabloids have mentioned that prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been disowned by the royal family and will be asked to vacate their lodging and move out. It could be observed by all that both the princes William and Harry had been feuding all throughout and Meghan Markle’s lack of observance of the royal protocols was the outcome of such a drastic decision.

Harry the rebel prince

Harry has been the rebel from his childhood days. He was not very obedient like his older brother William. He was once sent to drug rehabilitation for drug abuse during his school days. He was not quite good at studies. He was extremely active and abrupt getting himself in all sorts of award situations. He was once caught cheating in his art exam at Eton.

As a royal prince, he was not expected to be free mixing type. He did not give much importance to the protocol. Wherever he was close the girls, he would be found either kissing them in public or sweeping them off their feet in a wild hug. To the embarrassment of the royal family, he was found playing strip billiards in Las Vegas. Again some older woman of “Real Housewives”  confessed that she had been sensually kissed  by Harry who swept her off the floor in the act. Buying a Ducati bike for 11000 pounds that inherited from his dead mother’s estate proved he is a avid biker and of expensive taste. Even in his assignment to Afghanistan he used to bike around and take off his clothes probably due to heat in utter disregard to his fellow soldiers.

His fascination for married women and lack of knowledge of consequences has brought the royal family to face real criticism. He eventually fell in love with a American actress, a divorcee. Divorce is a taboo word for the royals. Marrying divorced people and welcoming them into the royal family is looked down upon. He not only proposed to marry her and many often kissed and hugged her in public.

Harry’s rebel wife

When she came into the royal family, she was totally shocked by the list of protocols that had to be observed. She outright chose to ignore those. Her dressing and her approach to the royal members seems to be utterly gross and lack of good taste.

Against the norm of lighter shade of nail polish, Meghan used the darker shades with unconventional colors like burgundy. This was termed “vulgar”. This was picked up by the tabloid when she cradled her bulging abdomen with the burgundy painted nails facing the camera during the British Fashion awards. This was a passive way of expressing rebellion

Opening and closing the car door should be responsibility of the royal chauffer or the royal security guard. Meghan closes the car door after alighting from the car is a clear sign that she has not got out of the commoner’s mindset. This demeaning act of closing the car door is not to be taken lightly in the royal household.

As the mind of both the Prince and the Duchess of Sussex have been rooted in rebellion, they were found amongst the pro abortion activists in Ireland. They infact welcomed the move when the parliament of Ireland approved abortion as a right of a women. Abortion is a taboo issue in catholic Ireland as well as in protestant royalty. But the prince and his wife were oblivious of the fact his queen grandmother was watching them. The world ogled at Meghan when she wore white blazer with no panty hose and short diver shirt that exposed much of the lower appendages upwards.

Meghan prefers to wear the off shoulder, sleeveless,  plunging necklines that exposes much of the female anatomy that the royalty would allow. Her sense of style is rooted in the dresses she was used to in the United States, performing on stage to sing or take an award. This much exposed flesh exposed much rebellion in her in the presence of queen during her birthday celebrations with the British solders parading on the Buckingham Palace grounds.

Bags and purses of the royal women are like extension of their dresses. Such objects have to be chosen by size, color , material and design. Non standard vessels of cheaper materials or deep colors or bad abrupt design are not approved. Even one has to carry those accessories properly to appear modest. Meghan Markle carried a cross body bag like a common school girl. No matter what kind of bag was it, but it quite not appropriate to carry it that way.

Royal men and women marry and exchange vows and rings. The rings are exhibited at the time of marriage. Then those are put away after marriage and they carry on with their royal duties. Meghan and the prince kept wearing the rings even one year after marriage like common couples retrospecting their nuptials; truly embarrassing for the royalty.

It was also known Meghan penchant to speak to the queen whenever she pleases is not modest and polite. She was only expected to speak when she was spoken to by the queen or when her turn comes. She must reserve her emotions, covering the bad and expressing the pleasant and not every bit of it like a common woman speaks.

Escape for the couple

It is also known that prince and his wife Meghan are true frustrated by such strict norms and rules that made their live impossible. Harry does not want to lead a life of a goldfish in a bowl where people come and admire, he wants to go out and breath fresh air. Now Meghan is pregnant and the baby is to be born any time soon, they seemed to be happy with the decision of the queen as it was expected in consultation with his elder brother William.  He decided to vacate his 22 rooms apartment in Kensington to a more seclude place Frogmore cottage. Prince Harry wanted his child to grow up away from the media glare and in the greenery.

William waits to be king, alone

It is disheartening to see both the brothers who grew up together could not see eye to eye on any issue when they are old. Prince William who is third in line to the throne is now the sole heir as his father Prince Charles is failing in health and hence the capability to conduct his royal duties.


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