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Pakistan’s Arab friend.

Mohammed Bin Salman “Investment” in Pakistan.

Pakistan has been in the news lately not only for its tacit involvement in terror act in Pulwama but also for playing host to the Saudi Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman. Being a Sunni majority state Pakistan proves to be a ideal ideological ally to the Saudis.

Not only this, Pakistan has kept a close watch on its neighbor Iran, a Shia majority nation and a sworn enemy of Saudi Arabia and could be considered as the Saudis’ eastern sentinel in a greater regional power orientation. It is very strange to observe that the Saudis are willing to invest the multi billion dollar Petro chemical complex at Gwador port which  China has developed and is planned for the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) which is very much of the “China’s Road and Belt Initiative”.

Whether the Saudis wants to have a foothold in Pakistan to keep Iran under pressure or is it at the American request to rob the Chinese of the exclusive rights of the Gwador port where the Chinese wanted the keep their naval fleet, only time will tell.

The Saudis have allowed flow of money into economically bankrupt Pakistan time and again to save Pakistan the humiliation from begging from IMF.

Pakistan is helping Arab in defense in the Process.

Pakistan in turn trained Saudi troops and posted at-least 20000 of its troops on Saudi soil at the behest of Saudis for its defense. However, flow of money did not support the masses as it did create social infrastructure like schools for modern education, hospitals, roads, power for meaningful happy life.

Most of the funds were embezzled by corrupt politicians and misused for the buying military hardware, leaving a morsel for the huge deprived population.  The money from the Saudi charities went to fund the Madrassas that propagated Debobandi and other variants of Wahibism. With a third of the population below the poverty line and no meaningful way to earn ones livelihood, the male population of the nation get involved in terrorism as they are easily radicalized in the neighboring madrassas.

Pakistan on it’s Economical development Failing.

Economic Crisis of Pakistan.

While Pakistan tries to play a global role in the middle east by being friends with the Saudis and other Sunni majority countries it has hardly any role to influence it own hungry unprivileged population leaving it to be radicalized and become instrument of terror and tyranny for itself and for its neighbors. Unless it mends it ways and try to pay attention to the growing discontentment and infighting among the tribes in the rural and remote areas, it is very likely that Pakistan would be a political and social casualty.


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