Home Trending News Pakistan will release captured Indian Pilot Tomorrow.

Pakistan will release captured Indian Pilot Tomorrow.

IAF Pilot Abhinandan is returning Home tomorrow.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan gave a statement today in front of media that they will release and send IAF pilot safe home on 1st March, 2019. IAF pilot was captured a day ago by Pakistani army.

Imran Khan.

Imran Khan said ” Our efforts to de-escalate should not be considered our weakness,”.

This can be the result of India’s threat to Pakistan. India said loud and clear that they want their Pilot back home safe. Many from Pakistan also supported the decision of Pakistani Prime Minister.

While here in India, all the color of happiness are in Air after the news came out about the release of IAF Pilot Abhinandan. He shot down 2 Pakistani Pilots and hit Pakistani F16 before getting caught.


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