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Naresh Goyal – The man who started Jet Airways may lose his post today.

Naresh Goyal along with his wife Anita Goyal started Jet Airways 25 years ago i.e in 1993.

Since then they have ran the company and maintained their ownership. But now the situation is different and Jet Airways is on the downfall. Most of the employees of Jet Airways have not received salaries from few months now.

Naresh Goyal

In an attempt to save Jet Airways from bankruptcy, both Mr and Mrs Goyal can resign today. They will address their 23,000 employees from London directly.

In the recent days, Jet Airways have cancelled more than 13 international flights.

The current CEO of Jet Airways, Vinay Dubey will retain his position in the Cupboard.

Mr. Goyal may sale his 51% share in Jet Airways.
SBI Managing Director and former Jet Airways Board Srinivasan Viswanathan has been invited to lead the airline. As an independent director, Viswanathan was part of the Jet Board for about 3 years until August 2018.

Etihad is the second largest shareholder in Jet Airways. Its also reported that it may cut its percentage by staggering 24% in the coming days.


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