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“Life below water: For people and planet” – 1st World Wild Life day for Marine.

Let’s start with the good things.

Oceans, Seas, Rivers and all the water bodies plays a big part in our Eco-System. More than 75% of our planet is covered by water. The name of our Planet Earth is also termed as “Planet Blue”. As is seems Blue from space because of the water covering maximum of Earth.

We use ocean for many things like Recreations, Food, Business, Travelling etc.
How don’t love beach parties and Long walk on the beach with a drink and your loved ones, right.

We go for scuba diving, water sports, deep water dive and many thing to explore what is below the ocean surface.

On 20 December 2013, at its 68th session, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) proclaimed 3 March, the day of signature of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), as UN World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants.

How much we are dependent upon the water bodies ?

Here is what we found.

  • $3 Trillion revenue has been generated in the Fish Business per year.
  • Its more than 5% of global GDP.
  • More than 3 Billion lives are depended on the income from Ocean.
  • We generate electricity from water.
  • Water plays a huge role in transport system.
  • Billions of species lives under the ocean.
  • And most Importantly, we can’t last more than 3 days without clean water.

And we can keep counting. Its and unending list. Basically, the planet won’t exists without water. Ocean contains nearly 200,000 known species and millions yet to be discovered.

Are we taking care of Waters ?

Ask yourself.

Just imagine there is no clean water to drink.
No clean beaches to walk and relax.
No marine life to explore.
Dead fishes and other oceans species are floating on the water surface.

Four basic and most important causes of water pollution:

1. Plastics.

over 8 million tons of plastic gets dumped in ocean every single year. Just multiply the number with few decades and you will reconsider throwing plastic again in water bodies.

Thousands of water species are dying because of plastic in there eco system and we are the one who is responsible for this tragic scenario.

plastic pollution

Many ocean and sea species found dead because of eating plastic by thinking that plastic is their food. Remains of plastic found insides bellies of piratically every species over the last couple of years.

2. Dumping waste in the Water.

Plastic is the main cause but what about other stuffs which gets dump in the water ?
Industrial waste, Medical waste, and when there is Puja ( Festive Season ). We scared the hell out of Rivers.

Waste in Ganga below Howrah Bridge.

We throw anything and everything we find in water regardless of the fact that we use the same water in a holy way and many other ways too. Rivers like Ganga as worshiped and people takes bath for purifying themselves and on the other hand pollute it.
Industrial waste plays a major role in polluting the water bodies.
China ranks first in water pollution.

3. Over-Fishing.

We love eating sea food. And it’s good for health too, only if the sea food itself is not contaminated.
Fishing is a big, very big industry and with the new technology. Fishermen are now catching fishes from way deep live never before. Around the world, 11-26 Million tons of fishing are “Illegal”. East Atlantic itself is a victim of around 39% over fishing causing some serious harm to its eco-system.


4. Human Intervention in the Ocean.

Oil Plants, Big cargo ships, constructions etc. this are the things which is causing disturbance for the species in the ocean and other water bodies.
An investigation found the dead body of the largest Fresh water creature which weighs around 1,110 pounds and 16 feet long in length. In the report they said that the Fish died due to Shocks, Noises and continues disturbance in the area.

oil rig in Atlantic Ocean.


The education rates are going higher so as the pollution too. We all knew this stuffs, the concern is, do we care about it ?

Various organization are working to keep the waters clean and restore the Eco-System back to Healthy conditions. But, we the youth needs to be more aware of the actions which we take.

No Aqua-Man from the Atlantis will come out to save us. We need to take cautions and stop people from throwing wastes in the waters. Eventually, we will save our lives in the end.

India is suffering water shortage and ranked 120 in the water index.
So, think of the scenario.
We are having water shortage and we are polluting the water bodies we have, result ?

To save the marine lives and lives of billions, who are living in our planet we need to start thinking about how we treat or Water Bodies.

Happy Wild Life Day…!!!


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