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Kylie Jenner- Youngest self made billionaire surpassing Mark Zuckerberg.

Kylie Jenner, the name associated with glamour, fame and controversy. She has become a billionaire at the age of 21years beating Mark Zukerberg.  Kylie Kristin Jenner was born on 10th August 1997 in Los Angeles California is half sister to the famous Kardashian sisters. The famous among them is Kim Kardarshian. Her father seems to be the most publisied transgender, Bruce Jenner also known as Caithlyn Jenner. Bruce Jenner was the summer decathlon winner in 1976.

Kylie Jenner- Hourglass figure

Television shows- First step towards popularity.

Her walk to popularity started with her participation in the television series “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. The hugely successful series put up the professional and personal lives of the family members. This led to many sequels of this show like “Kourtney and Kim, take Miami” , “ Kloe and Lamar”, “Kourtney and Kim take Newyork” . Kylie acted as guest stars in these shows. The sisters also hosted “Glee” – 3D concert  movie in California in 2011. Kylie along with her sisters appeared in the “Seventeen” magazine as the style stars of the year. Kylie also featured in the “ America’s Next top Model”, reality television show.

Endorsements and Tie ups and authoring book and launching music videos.

Her immense poplularity at a young age brought her in the notice of the cosmetics, clothing and Jewellery companies. She endorsed nail lacquers by Nicole by OPI. Wear Something Spar-kylie and Rainbow in the S-kylie and earned 200000 dollars. She launched a clothing brand Kendal and Kylie PacSun and a jewellery line with Pascal Mouawad’s Glamhouse. In 2014, she launched a Shoe and handbag collection for Maiden Girl line. Kyle appeared in the Recognize. She launched a book partially authored by her and completed by another writer Sloan – Rebels – the city of Indra, the story Lex and Livia. In this book she described how she wanted to see a self sustaining biosphere.

Kylie’s Charity.

She tied up with Ebay to sell old clothing to fund a Children’s Hospital. She also contributed to Share our Strength, No Child Hungry through other endorsements. She promoted bowling game to raise fund for the the Robin Hood Foundation. She donated generously to the LGBT causes.

Her obsession with her body.

She felt it necessary at an early age that her body is not what she wanted to be. An idealistic well proportioned, hourglass shaped. This drove her to artificially augmenting the deficiencies she believed she had. She underwent multiple surgeries on lips,breasts and her hips to make herself the ideal girl.

Kylie’s lip augmentation.


Kylie got her lips injected with Hyaluronic acid to make those a perfect pout when constricted for a very sensuous kiss. Kylie’s pout was most important asset capitalized by the cosmetic brands for all lipsticks – satin, matte, glossy and dripping gloss. This dripping gloss was the bone of contention. She was later sued by one Vlada Haggarty, makeup artist who is said to have created the gloss dripping lip art. After the birth of her child, she got her lips reduced on maternity conscience.

Kylie’s small breasts inflated and her posterior pumped.

Kylie‘s was bestowed with a innocent face but not endowed with the breasts of adequate proportions to draw attention. She got her breasts augmented which she denied, but the fashion reporter, celebrity watchers and body shamers were not convinced. Later with much demure she accepted the charge. After her breasts she gave seat of comfort little more attention, and pumped it up to make herself a complete hourglass shape. Her breasts adorned the bras of famous lingerie brand Victoria’s secret.

Her social media followers.

Kylie is immensely followed by people of all ages for her appeal. She is a godess to millions of teenage, adolescents and young adults. With more than 250 millions followers on social media she is considered one of the most powerful social influencers with a knack for storytelling though her life. She has made her personal life very public by going around with a rapper and getting pregnant at a very early age. Her fashion statement is very strong and tough- breakaway from the tradition, choose the unconventional.

Her effect on teenagers.

Many young girls are opting for lip augmentation and other types of surgeries. Teens are becoming insecure with their own bodies. As no one has an ideal shape. Emulating Kylie, many girls are being faced with the dilemma of sexual experiences that they are not prepared for. This is the most distressing effect Kylie has on the teenagers of today. As Social media becomes more intrusive, protecting teenagers from Kylie will be a challenge for the parents.


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