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Jawed Habib, Chowkidar of the hair to Chowkidar of the nation

He is no ordinary barber. He is a barber to politicians and celebrities. Javed Habib has come a long way since he started his hair styling career and making himself into a celebrity. Now he is a BJP man, and wants to be a chowkidar of the nation.

Family of barbers to the powefull

Born on 26th June 1963, in the surrounding neighborhood of Rashtrapati Bhawan, he is the eldest son of a renowned hairstylist Habib Ahmed.  Habib Ahmed was the hair dresser to many celebrities and to the ex- president of India Abdul Kalam. Javed’s grandfather was a hair dresser to the last viceroy of India, Mountbatten and India’s first prime minister Pandit Nehru. He completed his masters in French language from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Like his father he went to London to undergo training in hair styling at the Morris International School.

His career and founding his brand

He worked as a hair stylist consultant for Unilever brand Sunsilk for 9 years. He returned to India and started opening salons and started training few students. The students became acquainted with the art of hair styling and the business. He opened 846 stores in India including 3 international ones, two of those are in Singapore and in London. Javed Habib became a national and international brand in hair styling and is worth around $330 million dollars.

Rising middle class income make the people style conscious and this creates a demand for skin care and hair care product and services which is expected to rise to billions of dollars in the future. Javed Habib wishes to be a major player in the hair care business. He not only cuts and trims hair for men or women, but advices remedies for better and healthier hair. He is a life time member of the Federation of international hair stylists. He has written many books on hairstyling and has 71 hair styling academies. He has won many awards for his mentoring and artistic hair styling.

Catering to each individual

Habib wants to  grow his brand by franchise and through training new students, who carry on with his styling among the common people. His main forte, he provides customization at a low cost. He caters to the needs of every man or woman or boy or girl.

Controversial advertisement


Habib has now shifted his focus from artistic hairstyling to politics. Inspite of being a Muslim himself, he chose to join the Hindu Right wing party, the Bhartiya Janata Party. Once he created a controversy by putting up an advertisement “Even Gods visit JH saloon”, with various Hindu Gods and Godesses  He had to retreat due to protest by Hindu activists who dared him to put up an similar advertisement with the prophet. Some even put up anti Islamic comments. 

Habib, the BJP man

Javed Habib is all praise for the prime minister Narendra Modi. He seemed to impressed with the achievement of the BJP government for the past 5 years. Now that he is very acceptable Muslim to the Hindu right and the Hindu Right is now acceptable to him, he has promised to be a Chowkidar of the nation from the Chowkidar of hair.

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