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Insult the army it is democracy, doubt the airforce it is freedom of speech, show respect to terrorists – it is politeness

Congress has been disrespectful towards all its opposition members. So are all the parties. They break all barriers of decency and breathe fire on each other in public. This does not stop there. They even go to the extent of insulting the men in uniform– the Indian defense force. The most recent instance when Sandeep Dikshit ( congress MP) called the army general the goon on the street.

Congress MP from East Delhi: ABP

Throwing Stones at the Indian soldiers

Persistent Insults are heaped on the Indian defense forces especially the army when they are employed in the civilian areas of the disturbed states like Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur, Nagaland or Mizoram. The ruling party wants to keep a peaceful state but the opposition stirs up the masses against the center and then a big confrontation follows. If someone gets killed the army is blamed. This has become a regular practice in Jammu and Kashmir, where the local youth are encouraged to throw stones at the Indian army personnel. If the army retaliates in self defense it is an excessive force, and if the army arrests someone it is a human rights violation.

Stone throwing in Kashmir: Private Repoter

False accusation against the army

The local people in Jammu and Kashmir are taught to insult the army.  This has been the initiative of the so called secular parties, to raise up a force against the most revered institution the Indian military. Ofcourse for political gains. These parties are so selfish that they will not stoop so low to call the Indian army – rowdies when they engage with restraint to flush out the militants.

Doubting the Surgical Strike

On September 29, 2016, PM Modi ordered surgical strike across the line of actual control to take out terrorist in their bunkers.  This was in response to the Uri attack when 18 army soldiers were killed. The commandos were air dropped into 0.5 -2.0 Km across the LOC, in the Pakistani side. The operation took place in the very early hours of dawn and took out 38 terrorists. 

The opposition parties were not satisfied not that the operation was successful but PM Modi was capable of showing the iron fist. Afraid of the threat of growing popularity of Modi, they doubted the army.” Show us the proof” was joint voice of the opposition. When the operation footage was shown and the army lauded for such a daredevil action, they accused Modi of leveraging him on the shoulders of the army.

Surgical Strike RS TV

Doubting the Indian Airforce

Again on 26th February 2019, this time the Indian Airforce had to move into Pakistan at Balakot and 2 places in POK to take out terrorists in their hideout. It was a daring act. It happened in the very early hours of dawn and the 12 Mirages of the Airforce attacked Balakot area and took out atleast 250 terrorists.

When this was announced, the opposition party said the same thing” Show us the proof” When the attack clip was shown, they asked for the exact number of terrorists killed.  When circumstantial evidence was given, they would keep on screaming, 

India Today TV

Balakot tape saves the honor

Now the Balakot tape – an un-official twitter handle that a unknown local confessed that hundreds were killed in the strike and the Pakistani army was using force to stop the deaths from being official. Then Rahul Gandhi the head of the Congress party said that it was the BJP party that released Masood Azhar ji. He addressed Masood Azhar with due respect that became a topic of discussion. He kept his silence on the fact that it was for the safe release of the passengers of IC814 hijacked in 1999.

Everything you Need to know about the “Balakot Tape”. Click here..

BJP ministers trolls Congress

The congress was badly trolled on the social media, BJP ministers like Smiti Irani, Ravi Shankar trolled Rahul very badly.


Twitter rant against Rahul Gandhi


We have to consider the matter very seriously if Congress party and the other secular parties are pro Indian or not. They have so much affection for Pakistan and love for terror elements that one day they will be considered traitors of the nation.


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