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India Retaliated after Pulwama Attack.


 The India occupied Kashmir, a state of India with special status  has been fought over by India and Pakistan at the UN and in the valley though Pakistani backed militants and Indian army. Pakistan has been a hotbed for terrorism for past several decades and has used the weapon of terror to harass and kill innocent citizens in India, Iran and Afghanistan and recently has been warned by the Trump administration to restrain the its ambition of projecting power by providing shelter to terrorists on its soil.

Terror groups like LET, JEM, LEO, Al- Qaida are active on Pakistani soil and is a gory evidence of state patronization. Pakistani intelligence  ISI is a vicious force and not accountable to the elected leaders of the state. Infact, ISI and the Pakistani army own Pakistan not the other way round.

Pakistani sponsored terror attacks on Indian soil are not new, thousands of innocent civilians died in Kashmir along with Indian troops in the past 30 years. Peace treaties have been signed between India and Pakistan, but no sooner those were signed, unprovoked firing from the Pakistani side started.

Pulwama Attack.

Attack on Pulwama.

This time one Pakistani terror group overplayed its card. on 14th February 2018, JEM militants ambushed and killed at least 40 troops of Indian paramilitary force CRPF in Pulwama. The huge convoy of 2500  CRPF troops  in 78 trucks were being moved in on the Jammu Srinagar Highway in Pulwama in Kashmir and one explosive laden car came from the opposite side around 2:15 PM and rammed itself into one of trucks killing the troops and injuring many. The sound of explosion could be heard from a great distance.

Adil, The Terrorist who attacked the Convoy.

 This is a first instance of suicide bombing in the valley by a Kashmiri local Adil Ahmad Dar which raises the specter of the valley being transformed into Iraq or Syria. Abdul Rashid Gazi, the mastermind of the Pulwama attack along with two militants who hid themselves in an isolated house little far way from the attack took place were gunned down by the Indian forces in the next two days.

Indian Jets in PoK.

Cries of going to war with Pakistan could be heard everywhere and felt on the social media.  Indian diplomacy gained a tremendous mileage at the UN and India great support from nearly all the nations of the commonwealth, EU, US but China which did not condemn Pakistan but advised restraint for India and Pakistan. 

India banned exports of essential items and planned to stop the flow of rivers from the Indian soil and redirect it to Yamuna and planned military retaliation. Pakistan warned India of nuclear retaliation if it attacked Pakistan, but its own leadership in the opposition and in the army acknowledged that it would be an existential threat to itself if India responded with nuclear weapons.

India took Revenge of the Attack.

Finally, on 26th February 2018, Indian Air force sent 12 Mirages crossed the line of control in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and dropped heavy bombs at three places in Balakot which included a madrassa suspected to be run by JEM. As per the National Intelligence Agency, top leadership of the JEM including the brother in law of the JEM leader Mahsud Azhar and more than 300 militants have died.

This does not end here. Pakistan will be planning more terror attacks in Kashmir to show to the world that it is not cowered down by “Surgical Strike2”.


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