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Income tax raid with the help of CRPF at Kamal Nath’s aides.

Kamal Nath the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is in trouble suddenly. The Pradesh congress unit of Madhya Pradesh is surely in deeper trouble. In a pre dawn raid, about 200 income tax officers swooped down on 50 different places in Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, owned and operated by the aides of Kamal Nath to search for illegal cash holdings. The 2 aides of Kamal Nath: Praveen Kakkar and Rajendra Kumar Miglani had been on the watch list of the tax department for quite sometime for hoarding huge amount of cash, illegal transactions and tax evasion.

The cronies

Praveen Kakkar is a gold medal winner for outstanding police work. He resigned voluntarily from service and was appointed Officer Special Duty (OSD) by Kamal Nath. RK Miglani was an close associate of Nath and his personal adviser. Apart from these 2 main person who were involved in hoarding cash for election inducement there are two more ex police personnel Ashwani Sharma and Pratik Joshi who were used for conducting hawala transactions.  2 close relations of Nath Ratul Puri, the nephew of Nath  and Deepak Puri, the brother in law of Nath and owner of Moeser Baer were has been under the scanner too. Ratul Puri and Deepak Puri was named in the AugustaWestland 3600 crores rupees  kickback scandal and the former was summoned by the Enforcement Directorate earlier on Friday in the ongoing investigation.

The catch

Cash found

Loads of cash packed in polythene bags inside luggage cases have been found at Paveen Kakkar’s residence in Indore. The tax men have searched the residences, car, shops, and offices of Nath’s aides and relations and recovered 9 crores rupees. The raid is still on.

Tussle between MP Police and CRPF

This is the first time in the history of Income tax raid, CRPF,  paramilitary force has been used. The central revenue intelligence office has carefully planned and chalked out the operation. It did not alert the state intelligence and went in for the kill first at Praveen Kakkar’s residence in Indore. They first entered the residential complex and sealed off the gates. The IT officers went inside and did the raid and collected the illegal cash. The state police was alerted and when they came to the complex, they were barred from entering the complex by the CRPF. The police said that the CRPF did not allow the residents to go out to seek medical help and that is why the police had to come at their request. It is strange to find that suddenly most of the residents starting seeking medical help at the time of the raid was being carried out. Finally there was a clash between the police and the CRPF and the police retreated.

Thieves hate Chowkidars

The state government has  issued a statement against the center for infringing the right of the state by directly conducting the raid on senior officials without the state being informed. The Congress said it was just a smear campaign against the honorable. The congress alleged that BJP found all the opposition members corrupt and worthy of suspect, but when it comes to themselves, they blissfully ignore Raman Singh, Yedyurappa, Shivraj Chouhan. The BJP twitted mockingly; thieves hate the chowkidar.

The justification

After the model code of conduct came into force soon after the election dates were announced. The election commissioner wanted the law enforcement departments to come down heavily on illegal cash hoardings. This illegal cash is used by the candidates to buy the voters’ consent or to buy muscle power. Criminals and thugs get into the election bandwagon, inducing the voters or to intimidate the weaker candidate or to commit various crimes to make the situation stronger and favorable for the richer candidates. The Modi government has  given all the departments necessary approval to go and to confiscate illegal cash to make the election fair and clean. The center used the EC model code of conduct and accused the Congress government in the state using unfair means to hoard cash with the intention to bribe the voters or for intimidating them.

Breakdown of Center State relations

The modus operandi of the raid shows that the central government has no faith in the state police and intelligence. Moreover, when the elected chief minister is hand in gloves with the corrupt, extra ordinary methods to set the situation right.


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