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Hindus not allowed to vote in Muslim majority areas in West Bengal

Islam is the largest religious group next to Hindus. Islam has been rising and rising since the independence days. The rise in Islamic population due to two reasons intrinsic and extrinsic. The intrinsic factor is the high fertility rate of the Muslim women and the polygamous social structure that facilitates procreation at accelerated rate. Other factor is the extrinsic. Mass illegal migration from the Muslim dominated Bangladesh with the tacit help of the past Communist government to enlarge the vote banks has been the real bane. Illegal migration and high fertility are the root causes for the adverse demographic makeup that favors the Muslims and threatens other religious groups.

Keeping the Muslims the minority

The average percentage of Muslims in West Bengal is now at 33%. The popular governments have intentionally kept the percentage low to entitle them to a minority status and government privileges. The Muslims were loyal to the Communists who allowed him to migrate from across the border and take up land and start their new lives. When the communist government failed to pander them, the more corrupt and pro Muslim government Trinamool Congress continued the pandering with higher fervor.

Increasing clout

It is well established that the clout of the Muslims has become so great that without their support no government would come to power. The Bengali Hindus imbibed secularism without knowing that secularism is a theoretical word kept in the constitution, it is used by the secular parties like the Congress and the Communists to pander Islam. This makes sense as they have the high growth rate and ability to determine the political future of any political party.

Hindus are suspected

Now the situation is so bad that the Hindus are at the mercy of the Muslims. It so happened that the Hindus as perceived by the TMC leaders are no longer loyal to party and will vote in large numbers for the BJP. The BJP is a major contender of the TMC. Reports have emerged that the in a particular polling booth in Raiganj, Hindus have been blocked on the way to the booth by some Muslim youth. They were told that they would not be required to take the trouble to vote as their votes would be cast anyway. Some of those managed to reach the booth found that their votes have been cast already.

Hindus not allowed to vote

An investigative reporter of a national new channel went to the spot and was told that the TMC goons have threatened the Hindus and had their voter identity cards snatched. It has  become a big issue on the national debate. Many of the reporters said that the Rohingas are welcome but the Hindus cannot vote. This has become Pakistan where the Hindus are subjugated.


Future in the hands of the Muslims

No one knows what will happen next. BJP has been accused by the TMC government of polarizing the masses, but it is the TMC who sent the Muslim goons to threaten the Hindus.


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