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Facebook deletes pages related to Congress party due unacceptable behavior

Facebook deletes 687 pages related Congress party due to behavior not acceptable to policy standards. This has been a draconian step on a part of the social media giant to clamp down on Congress party, India’s oldest party just before the Indian general elections.

Congress mischief

Congress supporters used false identities to be members of groups and posted comments in favor of Rahul Gandhi or to criticize Modi. Facebook clearly stated that it was not due to the content of the posts but due to misrepresenting the identities led to such an action.

Fake identity in the making

The dangers of fake identity are enormous and is fraught with very unpleasant consequences. It is a Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story that is being played on social media even now and will be played till the fake identity is exposed and the profile deleted. The modus operandi is very simple. Create a user profile in Facebook, fake off course, then follow a genuine profile, whose traits are much sought after. Download the posts and photos of the genuine profile. Create another fake profile of the genuine profile in Twitter, but this time the fake one controls the fake handle of the genuine profile in Facebook. Posts all the photo and posts and his updates of the genuine Facebook profile in Twitter handle and create an aura of a genuine profile.

Dangers of fake identity

This fake profile could be used to intimidate people, spam, scam, and misrepresent, and propagate fake content. This could be a minor mischief or a serious offence of criminal nature.

These fake profile creators are the cowards who hide behind the fake identities to propagate their ideologies. They are afraid to project themselves in fear of repercussions. These are the ideal people for propagating fake content and fake news and when they are caught they simply deny their roles.

Facebook justifies with brutal action

Facebook has rightly blocked these profiles. It is indeed a matter of regret and shame that a foreign IT security consultant Nathaniel Gleicher had to step in to stop the misuse of identity by the Congress  party, the grand old party, the party that played a role in India’s independence. He had mentioned with proof what the congress IT cell has been doing and had to educate them, rather euphemism for severe reprimand.

Congress, no shame!

The congress party has been acting bit shamelessly for sometime now. It doesnot want to believe in the truth and questions surgical strikes, balakot strikes and demoralizes the defense forces. Yet they use fake identities and propagate Congress ideologies based on facts which are very questionable.


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