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Congress announces Rs 72,000/Yr for poor families if they win.

India is a poor country. There are still many people who go to bed hungry. This sob story, many generations of economists...

Blast the Blasphemy Laws – Killing of English Professor in Pakistan

Pakistan has been in the fore front of religious bigotry. Killing, kidnapping of minorities, raping and forced marriages of non Islamic women...

Sapna Choudhury will or will not join politics

Sapna, the most popular singer and dancer was last seen with Manoj Tiwari and  that set off all the rumors.

Hindu girls kidnapped in Pakistan for marriage to muslim men

Hindus in Pakistan are the most oppressed people after the Christians. The 7.5 million strong Hindu community dwells mostly in the Sind...

Boeing CH-47 Chinook – the new devil in Indian Air Force.

The first Chinook Heavy lift helicopter out of four which India has bought from America came into play today.

Ola’s license is cancelled for 6 months from today.

Karnataka transport department has suspended Ola’s cab license for six months. A shocking news that came out today.

Nirav Modi finally got arrested in London, UK.

Nirav Modi, the founding owner of Firestar Diamonds International is finally in the net. He has been arrested by the British police...

Download your JEE Main Admit Card here..!!

To the students who want to step in the world of Engineering, this is the first step towards it. Today you can...