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Tapzo, the Indian apps aggregator was launched as a chatapp called Helpchat. In 2018 it was acquired by AmazonIndia. It is third superapp yet to be launched after PhonePe of Flipkart and Ola App.

Akosha, the customer feedback app

Akosha was the mobile app that focused on customer complaints and feedback. Founded by Ankur Singla, Avinash Vankadaru, Vishal Pal Chowdhury, Vishrut Chalsani in 2009, headquartered in Delhi and funded upto 1 billion rupees, the app was a decent approach towards alleviating customer agony when they are duped by the companies.

The Akosha revenue model

The model was very simple. The aggrieved customer was supposed to login to the Akosha app and fill in the details. Akosha would take up the rest of the trouble of contacting the company and pursuing the matter. When the aggrieved customer received the compensation, Akosha would deduct around 10% of the compensation amount as fees and refund the rest to the customer.

Akosha, the drawbacks

There are two drawbacks in the Akosha app. The complaint was kept in the Helpchat servers isolated from the internet. That prevented the complaint being made public to the whole world. The objective of naming and shaming the offending company was defeated. The other thing was the amount of commission. Helpchat could have sided with a reputed company and charged a hefty amount as a protector of its image.

Akosha, the growing popularity and disappointment

However, leaving the controversies and drawbacks, Akosha had a success rate of 61%. It was gaining popularity amongst the aggrieved customers but it was not very favorable for the venture capitalists as the rate of return was low compared to their expectation of 30X or 40X.

DirectOne,an attempt to please Venture Capitalists

Meanwhile Corza technologies found that that developed Akosha for the ordinary customers for their feedback was not very profitable although gaining in popularity. So Corza technologies created OneDirect- Online Reputation Management tool for big companies so handle customer complaints. Given the seer number of the complaints, the tech company got to earn a good sum even charging a nominal fee for complaints. This tool was hived off in 2016 and still a very successful tool.

Akosha to Helpchat

Akosha was transformed into Helpchat a personal assistant which was then transformed into an app aggregator. Helpchat would call upon other apps of different verticals and wanted those apps be integrated to the Helpchat. The model gave the mobile user one app solution to different product and services. This saved the mobile user the trouble of installing several apps that would take storage space and use more data individually. One more thing about the super app is that the cashback and discounts could be spread over the verticals and gives the customer more choices on how to spend the cashback on future purchases.

Helpchat gets 5 million USD and become Tapzo

Sequoia Capital put 5 million USD in the Helpchat to make the product more viable and profitable at par with the expectation of the venture capitalists. The integration of multiple apps through API of different verticals made Helpchat a superapp. Helpchat was rebranded into Tapzo.

Amazon targets the superapp Tapzo

The Indian superapp Tapzo had 35+ reputed clients of diverse verticals, the prominent among them were Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, Uber, Zomato, included and integrated with its app. It functioned well till it was bought out by Amazon India in August 2018 giving part cash and part Amazon shares to the promoters.

Amazonpay, the future superapp to be

Amazon wanted to launch its superapp Amazonpay and has retained Vishal Pal Chowdhury, the Tapzo’s chief technical officer to lead the development of Amazonpay for India. It is expected to take at least 2 years. One can hope to buy food, clothes, hire cabs, book cinema tickets, book a bus seat or book a flight seat when Amazon pay is launched. Till then we can wait and watch what surprises Amazon has in store for us.


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