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Blast the Blasphemy Laws – Killing of English Professor in Pakistan

Pakistan has been in the fore front of religious bigotry. Killing, kidnapping of minorities, raping and forced marriages of non Islamic women in the name of Islam is justified.

Arresting and sentencing to some innocent prison or to death in the name of Islam is now legitimized by the blasphemy laws. The blasphemy laws are made to protect the sanctity of the Quranic authority over everything or even above the sanctity of a innocent human life. If anyone criticize the prophet, or misuses any epithet in the Quran, or any action or inaction that may be construed as direct attack on Islam.

Earlier many have been imprisoned on the charges of criticizing the Sharia the Islamic law. Sharia is a primitive form of law that was envisaged during the formative years of Islam that involves the barbaric practice of stoning for adultery, chopping off hands for stealing,  beheading for murder and treason. This list gets extended when a girl is killed if the family head believes that she has dishonored the family.

Killer of he professor

This time a professor of English Khalid Hameed, of Sadiq Egerton College had to lose his life for a friendly act of inviting his students to a diner. This much cherished friendly intent of the professor got some of his students infuriated. One of his students went up to him and stabbed him for this unislamic act of inviting male and female students.

The students had a grudge against the professor, as he always raised his voice against Islamic fanatism and preached for soft thinking of inclusivity. The killer student confessed that it was because of the government’s inability to get people like the free minded professor arrested, he had to take the brutal step.

This is a very dastardly step by a student who could go up to his teacher not to thank him but to kill him in the name of Islam. Only God knows how much evil will be done in the name of Islam.


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