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BALAKOT TAPES has been released which proved the death of Terrorists.

Pakistan’s ability to lie and get away is getting blunt. The latest is the Pulwama attack. Pakistan used a terror group Jaish e Mohammed to target Indian forces and then demanded a dossier when blamed for harboring terror groups. India  retaliated by sending jets to Balakot in Pakistani territory and bombing a terror camp.

Pakistan’s story

Pakistan denied that the location was a hideout for the militants and there were no human casualty. They put up one local before the media and made him say that only a crow had died and trees in the neighboring areas burnt. Pakistan even accused India of violating its airspace and warned India of grave consequences.

The truth trickles in, rather unexpectedly

There was tape that was put up in the Republic World that was intercepted from a Twitter handle that a local resident narrating how the Balakot strikes took effect.   The whole area was cordoned off by the Pakistani army. The locals were forced to keep their mouth shut, and the mobile phones taken away. The internet connection was cut off so that no pictures could be uploaded in the social media. However, before the world media, Pakistan continued to deny as human casualty. Then the Indian NTRO the electronic surveillance unit of the Indian government told that there were signs of at least 300 mobile phone connections in that specific spot isolated from the main human habitation and that could be concluded as a suspicious for such number of connections in such an isolation.

The dark contents of the tape

A local has said over a video tape that many terrorists have died and he knew most of them. The impact of the explosion of the guided bomb that hit the camp burnt most of the bodies, threw away many bodies and grievously injuring the rest. The burnt, partially burnt and the un burnt bodies and body parts lied over a large part around the camp. The army took petrol from the vehicles and burnt the un burnt or burry the bodies or threw the rest in the nearby river Kunhar. The army personnel were so cruel that the terrorists who were alive and cried for help were completely ignored. Doctors were not allowed near the site. Inspite of this, people have taken the videos and photos to share when the opportunity comes. There is a general perception that the Jaish e Mohammed and the Inter intelligence Agency are in state of deep fear that they are sending the recruits to Afghanistan- Waziristan border further away from India. If there was another attack, there will be no place to hide for the terrorists.


It only puts the Pakistani political power and the army is very bad light. Burning dead muslims is against the spirit of Islam rather an insult to the dead and denying help to the injured is against the tenet of human rights. Pakistan neither believes in Islam nor it does justice to human values. It is force that only serves its evil machination.


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