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Azam Khan to face the axe if Election Commission finds him guilty.

Azam Khan the strong man from Rampur is again in the news for making sexual comments against Jaya Prada.

Azam Khan has been the sitting MLA of Rampur for 9 terms. He is more of a Muslim rowdy and has penchant for making reckless statement against anyone who seems not to his liking. He made adverse comments against the Indian army, against the Hindus, suspected to have incited the Muzzaffnagar riots and tried to influence the police against arresting the Muslim rioters. He considered himself above the law by the virtue of his religious affiliation and close proximity to the power center of the state.

Jaya Prada has been a target of his anger since the time she disagreed with him while she was a member of the Samajwadi Party. He even threatened to harm her. It was so bad that even being in the party, she did not get adequate protection as the offender happened to be a powerful Muslim man. The secular parties kept silent and accepted that kind of treatment meted to her.

Things changed when Jaya joined the BJP and was chosen a candidate from Rampur. He was sarcastic to say in a public meeting that it would good thing for the people as every evening there would be thumka, music and dance conducted by nautch girls. These women who were not very esteemed were a legacy of the colonial times when they would be there entertain the rich and the powerful. As Jaya Prada happens to be a famous actress and talented in singing and dancing, Khan compared her to the dancing girl of the colonial time employed for entertainment. It was quietly ignored.

Khan who was getting aggressive day by day by the thought of being taken as a political opponent of the women he considered below his status to taken seriously at the political level. Khan stood as a lok sabha candidate from Rampur and then Jaya was chosen by the BJP to contest the elections in the same constituency. In a latest jibe at Jaya, Khan crossed all limits of decency, to say that it took him only 17 days to know the color of the underwear she wears happened to be “Khaki”, brown. This is the color of the uniform worn by the Rastriya Swayam Sevak volunteers. RSS is the militant wing of the BJP. He tried to make it convincing that although she was part of the Samajwadi Party, she was of the Hindu right wing in a lowly gesture.

This set the alarm bells ringing all over. The National Commission on Women, Chairperson Rekha Sharma has taken the matter very seriously. The Election Commission is also very upset with Khan. The nation is outraged. The Samajwadi Party has not made any comments not it has tried to protect Khan. Khan now is singing a soft tone. He has declared that he would not contest the elections if the Election Commission found him guilty.


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