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Abrogation of 35A and 370 will lead to separation of Kashmir from India.

The BJP has categorically said in its recent speeches that if elected to power for the second term, the articles 35A and 370 will be scrapped. This has set a cat among the pigeons. The so called secular parties are going all out against the BJP to protect the Kashmiri privilege.

Art35A defines the citizen of Kashmir. One who is from outside the state is  not the citizen of Kashmir. Art 370 of the Indian constitution extends the Indian citizenship to the Kashmiris. This ridiculous arrangement has been going on ever since Kashmir was integrated into India under the incapable prime ministership of Nehru who negotiated the deal with then prime minster of  Kashmir Sheikh Abdullah. It was then taken as a temporary arrangement and Art 370 was too signed by the then President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad to take in the Kashmiris as Indians.

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However, the constituent Assembly was finally dissolved in 1958 without mentioning the abrogation of the articles and thereby making the articles permanent. The reason being Nehru kept silent for reasons best known to himself. One could understand the motive. He wanted to appease the Muslims a tradition followed by Congress from generation to generation.

This Art 35A nearly made Kashmir a country little short of sovereign nation at the initial stage after joining. It had its own constitution and own prime minister. Now the elected head of the state is the chief minister and appointed head is the governor. The Muslim Kashmiri leaders have retained the same mindset that they are independent from India but India needs to look after them and pay for the state bills and in return the leaders choose to keep the Kashmir with India.

The audacity of the kashmiri leaders have reached unprecedented heights. They have been doing this blackmail of Kashmir with India, or with Pakistan for nearly 5 decades with a spineless Congress and other secular governments. This time they made a mistake of arm twisting the iron man- Modi. Modi sent the forces to take out terrorists, militants and their sympathizers.

This made the leaders insecure. Killing Muslim militants and their sympathizers robs them of support base and financial support. Now Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah seem to bargain for the rights. They ended up with the same blackmail: Kashmir will declare itself independent if those articles are abrogated. The present prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has started interfering in the internal matter stating the abrogation would not be acceptable and it would be right for the Kashmiris to declare independence should the event arose.

The BJP will not tolerate this nonsense anymore. It will surely break the teeth of Kashmiri militancy and opportunistic rulers once elected to power for the second time.


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