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About the Chaiwala and the Chowkidar

Indian politics spares nobody, no profession, no family background to disgrace or to justify and honor its thirst for power.

The Chaiwala

Let us start with the campaign of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He had a humble beginning. As a child he started off as a chaiwala or tea seller helping at his father’s tea stall. Later he had to take up his father’s profession of tea selling at his own stall at Vadnagar railway station as he could not afford the luxury of a doing something more respectable and profitable. There is no harm selling a cup of tea to travelers on the road; it is a refreshing to get to be served tea in a small clay cup on the wintry night or morning. Narendra Modi sold tea at the a rail station, he did not pick pockets. Certainly it is entrepreneurship in the most humble form, atleast. He worked hard. He supported his family and  educated himself. Average in studies but an good debater, he took interest in theatre and shaped his political career in RSS.

Congress, the savior of the poor and liberator of the downtrodden

Congress, who look at themselves as the savior of the poor and liberator of the downtrodden, laughed and mocked Modi’s humble beginnings. Mani Shankar Ayer called him Chaiwala and the rest of the brood followed. The congress would lovingly go to a chaiwala, doodhwala, sabziwala, tongawala, coolie, safaikarmachari and all other people in humble professions, to canvas for their votes. The congressi would touch their feet, hug them, and kiss them, go into their shanties and have meals with them just for votes. The people who by fate were cursed into being born into poor families. The families who could ill afford to educate their children in private schools and afford a decent housing, sanitation, healthcare and dignified profession for their children. By simple faith votes these vipers to power with a hope that one day they will be heard and their condition ameliorated. Alas! these poor people still vote for congress with the hope that one day they get to live in this nation with dignity.

Rahul Gandhi: the educated

Take for instance the congress head: Rahul Gandhi. He was born into a family of India’s greatest political families, Nehru-Gandhi family. He went to private school in Delhi, private boarding school in Dehradun, went to Harvard USA. He has been found howling Chaiwala, Chaiwala, but he can hardly think, hardly speak sense. He becomes a source of entertainment for all, and butt of all jokes.

Rahul Gandhi: the Pappu

If humble beginning is cause of ridicule then exalted family background should be a cause for honor. Rahul Gandhi is neither honored, nor respected for his family background. He is simply called “pappu”- the immature adolescent by all including his party members, of course  behind his back.

Modi the Chowkidar

Narendra Modi has controlled corruption to a large extent, and wishes to eradicate it. He embarked on a campaign “Mebhichowkidar” “ I am the sentry” , to guard against corruption and social evils. Mayavati the Bhahujan Samajbadi Party leader mockingly said at a meeting that  the “chaiwala has become chowkidar”, “ the tea seller has become the sentry”. Modi has already changed his twitter handle and asked the other BJP leaders to do so, to which they complied.

Chowkidar faces challenges

Opposition mock Modi and ask if the Chowkidar was sleeping when Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, and Mehrul Chowki left. They also ask about the intentional defaulters of the PSU banks, if the chowkidar was keeping an eye on those. Now, the Rafale deal was given to Anil Ambani, who never built any aircraft. Rahul Ganhdi blutted out “ Chowkidar chor hai” “ the sentry is a thief”. To those who question the chowkidar, the laws were drafted during the UPA time, and leniency was shown to many people with evil intention to go scot free.

Urge to voters to show discretion

If Modi the humble chaiwala can become the PM of the nation, and the way the brood of vipers are ganging up together to defeat Modi is very concerning. Every citizen with reason must show discretion before they cast their vote.


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